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How is a research proposal written?

What is A literature review in research paper

What is A literature review in research paper

17 March 2020 Business Research

Welcome to post where we are trying to write research in business administration or marketing.

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What is financial risk?

Before we can begin to describe what is financial risk managers do, we need to understand what financial risk is. In finance, the risk arises

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What Is Supply Chain Strategy?

A company should have a long-range business strategy if it is going to maintain a competitive position in the marketplace. A business strategy is a plan for the company that clearly defines the company’s long-term goals. How it plans to...
SYED Sep 03, 2019 0
Business Management

What is financial risk?

Before we can begin to describe what is financial risk managers do, we need to...
SYED Aug 30, 2019 0
Financial Management

Difference Between B2B and B2C Research

There are major differences between the two fundamental types of research, including: Respondent differences;Sample and...
SYED Aug 06, 2019 5
Business Research

Characteristics of a Competitive Supply Chain

There are three key characteristics of a competitive supply chain: responsiveness, reliability, and relationship management....
SYED Aug 31, 2019 0
Business Management

Population growth in Asia in the 21st century

Economic development everywhere exacts a price. Perhaps the greatest of these for most of Asia...
SYED Feb 26, 2019 0

What are the factors influencing financial decisions

The nature of financial decisions varies from one firm to the other. It may also...
SYED Jan 29, 2019 0
Financial Management

What are the different types of dividend policy?

Dividend policy means a policy to determine what proportion of earning is paid to shareholders...
SYED Feb 17, 2019 0
Financial Management

What are the main functions of financial management or, manager?

A Financial manager organizes and manages an organization’s or an individual’s financial portfolio. They also...
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Financial Management

Type of Research Methods – Where to Apply?

Today we’ll start with the various types of Research Methods. This is a very very...
SYED Mar 03, 2020 0
Business Research

Business Research Process

Research process consists of series of steps necessary to carry out the research efficiently &...
SYED Jan 09, 2019 0
Business Research

What are the factor affecting dividend policy?

The dividend policy decision involves the choice between distributing the profits belonging to the shareholders...
SYED Feb 06, 2019 0
Financial Management

The Neolithic Revolution|Prehistoric Asia

The term Neolithic is to some degree a misnomer, since it means literally “New Stone...
SYED Aug 29, 2019 0

what is demand and supply in Microeconomics?

In this post, I will explain to you what is the demand and what is...
SYED Sep 15, 2019 0

Internal and external validity in experimental research

Professor Fisher has enumerated three principles of experimental design. 01. The Principle of Replication, 02....
SYED Jan 11, 2019 0
Business Research

What are the types of agency problems

The agency problem is pervasive in our society. It is not just evident in business....
SYED Feb 01, 2019 0
Financial Management

Common culture of Asian?

Apart from the all-important characteristic of population density, monsoon Asia—the area east of Afghanistan and...
SYED Feb 18, 2019 0

Internal controls over financial reporting

Financial reporting is one of the three audit objectives related to internal audit. The other...
SYED Sep 13, 2019 0
Business Management

How to write a good cover letter in an hour?

A cover letter is a letter of introduction which is generally sent along with your...
SYED Oct 01, 2019 0
Personal Development

Define corporate social responsibility

The forceful argument of Milton Friedman, many business firms in practice to contribute to various...
SYED Jan 28, 2019 0
Financial Management
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